CV Systems LLC

Transaction Processing Software

CV Systems was formed in 1977 to provide on-line transaction processing and related software to financial institutions.

The company is privately held with the ownership resident with company personnel. All products are designed, written, tested, and installed by CV personnel. Outside consultants or temporaries have never been utilized, but our customers do participate in design of new products and improvements to existing products.

CV Systems specializes in providing transaction processing-related software products for financial institutions. All products have been developed by CV Systems and are installed by our company on a fixed-cost, turnkey basis including customization for each customer’s unique requirements. Major applications include Transaction Management for ATM/POS/Debit Card Networks, Card Management, Dispute Tracking, and Teller Automation. All products are written in COBOL and operate on CICS-based platforms in a variety of environments. Further, all products are multi-institution, operate 24 hours 7 days per week, and have no limits regarding number of terminals, institutions, or networks.

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