GrizzlyRock Capital

Fundamental Long/Short Strategy (Credit and Equity)


GrizzlyRock seeks to invest in mispriced corporate securities via a rigorous fundamental analysis. They provide investors exemplary risk-adjusted returns via long/short corporate credit and equity securities by identifying informational, analytical, or behavioral edges before committing capital. They demand a substantial mispricing opportunity to warrant investment, therefore only execute upon a handful of ‘great’ ideas rather than volumes of ‘good’ ideas. The result is a focused portfolio with low correlation to corporate risk markets. .

GrizzlyRock aims for strong risk-adjusted results over intermediate and long-term horizons, regardless of general market movements. Investment management is risk management. Investors must take deliberate, understood risk to ensure successful long-term investment performance without exposing portfolios to excess risk. The focus at GrizzlyRock is on reducing the probability of permanent capital impairment.

Kyle Mowery founded the firm in 2012 and is responsible for the firm’s portfolio management activities. Kyle has over nine years of investment management experience,  beginning his career at PAAMCO as an analyst. He has invested in media and telecom companies while at McDonnell Asset Management and worked in BMO Capital Markets’ middle market leveraged finance team, where he was responsible for investing bank capital with private companies across various industries such as consumer goods, healthcare, industrial, and business services.

If you think about a grizzly, you’ll realize it’s one of the rare predators on our planet. It has no natural enemies. And as it feeds on salmon, the grizzly will select an optimal point in the river. The best spots are coveted and fiercely guarded, so they can patiently wait to feast on the salmon as they jump by. This place, hidden just below the surface, is the sturdy foundation on which to capture opportunity. This place is called the GrizzlyRock.

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